Building the Business of a Better World.

The Story of DEVA

A few years ago, if you were interested in this thing called “sustainability” you were either a big Fortune 500 company or a hippie treehugger. Small and medium size organizations didn’t have a place to turn if they needed help to “go green”.

So DEVA was established in 2020 with the aspiration of delivering sustainability expertise to these under-resourced organizations. Our mission is to empower our society, our clients, and our people to own their future And that’s our vision: To help create sustainable, positive change in the world.

Who We Are

We are a new generation of consultants. Simply a bunch of passionate professionals who want to do things better. We believe a better world is possible, and we want to help make it happen. We feel it in our hearts, we think about it constantly in our heads, we spend our time using our skills creatively and knowledge to making it real.

So when you engage us, don’t be surprised if we challenge your thinking about your contribution to sustainable development. We embrace change, and love results.

The Glue!

Our common passion: delivering big ideas that will inspire the necessary step change for a future in which business and society thrive.

So whatever sustainability question you have, we’d love to help you. Sustainability is all about long-term value creation. In a world that constantly changes, this requires innovation. We believe that business innovation brings about the changes our society needs. So you can count on us. We are result driven, we’re ahead of the curve when it comes to the latest innovations and regulations, and we’ll work closely with you to deliver on what we promise.

A Craftsman's Mindset

We understand the challenges businesses face in a dynamic global economy, and we know every business is different. The strategies and solutions we provide are never presumptive. Only after our initial assessment do we begin to tailor the unique solutions your business needs.

Though we have the experience and expertise of large firms, we bring a small firm’s attention to customer service – because relationships matter just as much as results. That’s why our work doesn’t end with strategy, it’s just the beginning. DEVA will guide you through every phase of implementation, so you can enjoy the sustainable growth we strive to create every day with our clients.