Building The Business Of You

Your personal brand is YOUR promise of value, performance and the reflection of your true identity. Delivering your brand clearly and consistently will create a memorable experience in the minds of people you interact with, bringing the required impact to your business, career or within your company. It’s about bringing who you are to what you do and how you do it.

We work extensively with CEOs, business professionals, entrepreneurs, artists and creative professionals to build authority, monetize their expertise, amplify their message and impact millions by transforming their personal brands.

We are committed to building personal brands that showcase your specialty, spread your message, impact lives & leave a mark in the world. We promise to build a brand so that you are seen as an expert & authority in your industry.

Our Approach

Before you jump into marketing activities (posting on social media, blogging, speaking, etc), make sure you have built
a solid brand foundation.

Design & Developing
(Re) Discover
Discovering or rediscovering your personal and unique brand. Understanding what it represents to you and everyone around you, its value, and what differentiate you from the rest of the world, will be our priority in the most important phase of the process.
Co-creating is the name of the game in the phase. We are going to define the goals, tactics and activities to achieve it and determinate the tools used to communicate and monitor your personal brand. We will be shaping and clarifying the value you provide, to whom and how, and develop a plan to link your brand to all that you do.
Quality Assurance
Communicating your brand through the most effective channels and with the right message is the main goal at this stage. We will work with you to ensure that your communication, both online and offline, is aligned with your brand and what it represents in order to maximize its impact.

How We Can Help

DEVA develops powerful and effective personal brand strategies, meaningful brand identities, social media strategies and authority-building public relations stories that connect personal brands to their audiences.

Personal Brand Strategy & Positioning

Through a comprehensive, strategic process, DEVA helps personal brands clarify what they do, how they do it, find their unique voice, determine what they should be known for, truly understand customers and determine the steps necessary to achieve a world-class personal brand… And make and income and impact while doing it.

Brand Blueprint & Style Guide

With you, we make the strategic decision about how to position your personal brand and develop a personalized Brand Blueprint for you. From your elevator pitch to the visual design elements (logo, colors, fonts) to your brand voice, this is the document that you (and any future marketing collaborators) can reference to ensure you stay on-brand.

Website Design & Development

We’ll integrate a selection of the best photos from your photoshoot, the visual design elements of your brand, along with the copy we’ve drafted and any articles you’ve chosen to write into a professional, state-of-the-art Squarespace website.


To create a powerful visual narrative that amplifies your written brand story, you will be treated to a fully-directed photoshoot. We will provide you with a photoshoot plan in advance, including a shot list and guidance.

Social Branding

Social media has become a necessity for all personal brands to build relationships with their ideals clients and audience. All personal brands should leverage the power of digital growth on social media to expand their reach and impact lives. DEVA’s team helps save time by strategically building a personal brand on social media, creating a content creation plan, and repurposing content to reach the masses.

Voice & Speech Branding

Achieve your professional goals by aligning and creating authentic and persuasive speeches by using effective structure, language, and voice to empower and differentiate yourself.

Giving Back

Your passion is the starting place. The path you take with us depends on you. Do you have a cause that you care about, and/ or the money to donate to make a difference? We will help you create a giving strategy and direct your money toward nonprofits having the greatest impact. Our team works with you to identify your philanthropic goals, and then we partner with you to help you achieve your charitable mission.

Who We Work With

No matter what career or business barriers you face, your greatest asset is always you.
We help professionals and public figures monetize their expertise, grow their practice, win campaigns, and break into new industries.
While you focus on your business, we focus on your brand.







And start transforming your personal brand that will leave a legacy.