The Power of Your People Strategy

In these challenging times, organizations must elevate the most important asset they have: their people. By focusing on the fundamentals of people strategy—leadership, culture, talent, reskilling, and HR—companies can emerge stronger, more agile, more innovative, and better able to respond to an ever-changing environment.

Top-performing companies are twice as likely to have a cohesive and future-oriented people strategy and approach. People Engine Builder helps you define your long-term needs and develop systems to put the right people in the right roles.

At DEVA, we understand what it takes for your company to attract and retain top people and help them reach their full potential. Among the capabilities that set us apart are:

  • Extensive work on operating models—the bridge between your strategy and its execution—which allows us to customize a people strategy that supports and accelerates your overall business strategy.
  • A relentless focus on outcomes instead of processes, because we believe that people must be viewed and measured in terms of return on investment.

What to Expect

Our team supports clients with the development, implementation, and evaluation of comprehensive people strategy that put people at the heart of their business.

Design & Developing
Strategic Alignment
Design a talent strategy that propels your business strategy and supports your vision and mission.
Effective Investment
Focus on the hires who will deliver the highest returns, and analyze the needs of your pipeline.
Quality Assurance
Optimized Deployment
Match difference-making talent to business-critical roles to dramatically improve your company’s performance.
Quality Assurance
Data-driven Insights
Use analytics to quantitatively measure talent effectiveness and make better organizational decisions.

How DEVA Creates People Advantage

DEVA’s people strategy consulting builds on three core pillars.

We we work qith clients -not on them- to unlock the power of their people.

We empower and enable clients to design and deliver programs that build their own capabilities across all levels of their organization. Rather than offering traditional, ancillary programs in leadership development and talent development, DEVA applies cutting-edge behavioral science to daily operations, enabling people to activate and embed new ways of working while on the job.

We practice what we preach.

We strive to be ranked among the best places to work—and we apply the same proven people strategies to our clients. We bring deep expertise in engaging employees and creating a diverse, inclusive culture that enables organizations to thrive.

We understand that purpose fuels performance.

Organizations that maintain a strong sense of purpose—and activate a purpose-driven culture—are more than twice as likely to have above-average shareholder returns.

Using a holistic, human-centric lens, we collaborate with clients on the fundamental pillars of people strategy: leadership and culture, talent and skills, and enabling the HR organization to support business leaders as a strategic partner.

How We Can Help

In this time of accelerating systematic change, customers, employees, and investors increasingly demand that organizations act in socially aware and sustainable ways and demonstrate that they are doing so. It is necessary, strategic, and profitable for organizations to have a positive social impact. We help organizations to plan, implement, assess, and communicate their social impact and sustainability initiatives.

Leadership Development

Leadership Effectiveness is a structured program that assesses and amplifies four essential traits that determine how well senior leaders operate as a team: trust, commitment, inclusion, and a focus on the greater good. Those traits translate to superior company performance.

Culture Change

Culture is behavior at scale. Companies that create a winning culture are 3.7 times more likely to be top performers. Our proven approach to culture change is based on behavioral science and can transform your organization.

Workplace Learning

Continuous learning has emerged as a strategic imperative for winning the escalating competition for talent. DEVA offers an arsenal of on-the-job learning, coaching, digital learning, and learning academy approaches for achieving success.

Talent Development, Upskilling, and Reskilling

Define your long-term talent needs, develop a talent strategy to meet them and build the right systems to deliver on it.

Agile Enterprise

Become faster, more flexible, and intensely customer-focused.

Agile Teams

Agile teams are small, entrepreneurial groups that can solve complex problems quickly, boost time-to-market, improve customer responsiveness, and generate a host of other benefits. We help you understand how to launch highly effective Agile team, a critical step on the way to becoming a truly Agile enterprise.

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