From Seed to Speed

As an entrepreneur, you are in a unique position — you not only own the business, but you are its strategist, visionary, cheerleader and fiduciary guardian. With such significant responsibilities, you face many tough issues.

Developing and sustaining a competitive business model, properly financing your business, maintaining successful relationships with personnel, navigating family disagreements, staying ahead of the competition and finally monetizing or passing along the business to the next generation are just a few of your challenges. You face different hurdles depending on the stage of your business and just as the pressure points are different at each stage, the type of support you need changes.

However, one thing is always constant; the need for a true partner and trusted advisor as an objective resource to be at your side along the way. We can help.

Our Approach

You had an idea. From that idea grew a company. Whether you’re a startup or on the fast track to success. We work with companies - just like yours.

Design & Developing
Understand better the market in which you are or wish to operate and assess objectively your ability to thrive in it.
Identify and prioritise the activities that will turn your idea or your company to a success story.
Quality Assurance
Bring to life your ideas and initiatives.
Quality Assurance
Scale up managing any obstacles or resistance found on your way.
Quality Assurance
Ensure your company thrives also in the long-term.

Prepare your business to thrive in the new normal

In a world that’s been changed by COVID-19, the way ahead isn’t always clear. Our advisors understand the realities of running a business and have helped countless entrepreneurs adapt to new circumstances and forge ahead. Plus, we can adjust our delivery to your needs, working with you to implement solutions remotely.

Expert advice that’s grounded in reality

When you’re preparing your business for a new future, you need advice you can trust, but also put into practice.

You can count on us for practical, proven strategies that are tailored to your needs. We’ll help you plan your way forward and capitalize on new opportunities for your company to prosper.

How We Can Help

Working with DEVA, you’ll gain access to a trusted advisor – a single point of contact who shares your entrepreneurial mindset. With access to DEVA’s resources and alliance network, we’ll help you drive your business forward and meet your goals. Your success is our legacy.

Manage your Business

  • Management

    • Strategic Planning

    • Financial Planning

    • Management Framework

    • Human Resources Management

  • Business in Transition

    • Business Model Innovation

    • Post-Merger Integration

Increase Revenues

  • Sales, Marketing and Expansion

    • Revenue Growth Program

    • Sales, Marketing and Expansion Capabilities

    • International Expansion Plan

    • E-Commerce and Online Presence

Optimize Operations

  • Operational Efficiency

    • Operations Optimization Potential

    • Essential Optimization Projects

    • Advanced Optimization Projects

Digital Program for SMEs

Do you want to harness the power of digital in your business? We can help you prioritize your digital investments, select the right technologies and evolve your business to stay competitive.

Growth Driver Program

Looking to identify new growth avenues and bring your company to the next level? Our experts can guide you and your business on an transformative journey toward sustainable growth.

Business Performance Builder Program

Ready to improve business performance? Identify and address issues across multiple functions of your company to increase its profitability.

Have Questions?

Contact us for more information about our solutions or to discuss a business project.