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We help our clients realize organizational outcomes and business objectives by building more diverse teams and inclusive cultures. The proprietary data shows that employees at companies with a D&I strategy experience higher levels of creativity and engagement, indicate a stronger intent to stay in their jobs and feel a stronger sense of belonging. Through both our work in the market and conversations with leaders, we have seen that engaged, inclusive and diverse leadership is critical to D&I success.

The actions of your leaders, employees, supply chain partners and stakeholders are guided by their experience with your organization’s priorities, and a direct reflection of your demonstrated commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion.

DEVA works with you to put purpose at the center of your tailored, actionable Diversity & Inclusion strategy — helping you consistently and positively impact everyone your organization reaches.

Why Address Diversity Now?

Organizations that lack diversity will find themselves falling behind in the war for talent. Research shows that more diverse companies benefit from more engaged and ambitious staff, greater innovation, and a better bottom line. Despite these facts, only 5% of CEOs are women, and that number has not meaningfully moved in decades. And while many companies have a gender diversity program in place, only about a quarter of the employees feel that they have personally benefited from a diversity intervention.

There is growing governmental pressure on organizations to change this dynamic. In addition, with global media attention through movements such as Me Too, company leaders must address the issue in order to improve recruiting and maintain credibility.

Establishing an Intersectional Lens

When we explore people’s experience through an intersectional lens, we look at internal and external demographic and people data by gender, race, ability, and other dimensions of historically marginalized groups. Doing so gives a voice to each of the different stories of employees, customers, clients, community members and stakeholders.

When we examine employee experience through an intersectional lens, we can ask better questions and work toward more impactful change — building trust, increasing engagement and helping make everyone feel heard and valued.

Partnering with clients to accelerate equality

We work with clients to define their inclusion and diversity strategy using a results-oriented approach. Leadership alignment workshops and personalized learning experiences accelerate our clients’ journey to equality. Our cutting-edge research and innovative thinking enhance our clients’ inclusion practices.

We bring a diverse team with expertise in inclusion and diversity consulting, leadership alignment and training. Our methods are market-leading and proven through DEVA’s own successful inclusion and diversity efforts, as well as our work with clients across an array of industries.

Measuring your Return on Inclusion

At DEVA, we believe that managing D&I in the same way we do any other core business metric is the only way to fully realize a Return on Inclusion (ROIn). Achieving business results requires uncovering the root causes of difficulties in human interactions and overcoming interpersonal conflicts to address, over time, the barriers to full inclusion in your organization.

DEVA works with you in a tailored way to help employees and leaders understand the symbiotic connection between D&I and your other key business indicators.

Our Approach

Why do some diversity measures work and others fall short?
Many companies strive for increased diversity through a trial-and-error approach, hoping for good results. When efforts fail—as they often do—the results are a waste of resources and often frustrating for employees.

DEVA partners with companies to implement proven strategies that can improve diversity and inclusion within an organization. We use data to shatter existing ideas of what works and guide organizations toward the measures that make a meaningful difference:

  • Implementing formal flexible working models.
  • Committing publicly to a goal of change.
  • Tracking the progress of diversity.
  • Establishing sponsorship programs.
  • Creating an inclusive culture.

How We Can Help

All leaders need a strategy to advance inclusion and diversity and the tools to bring change into their organizations. Utilizing powerful analytics to unlock insights, we can help your organization.

D & I strategy

Are your inclusion and diversity strategies driving business growth? Adopt a comprehensive approach for measurable and actionable change.

Racial Biases Consulting

Are workers equipped to address inclusion and diversity? Provide them with new skills through customized learning, creating inclusive culture.

Advancing Diversity Through New Ways of Working

We work with organizations and alongside leadership in order to build the roadmap toward a truly inclusive culture—and drive real change in the way people work every day.

Talent Analytics

Do you use analytics effectively? Identify inclusion and diversity gaps, barriers to equality, and their impact on employee and customer experiences.

Communications & Branding Strategy for D & I

We work with organizations to excavate purpose and then use it to inform decisions, actions to live it, and messaging to spread the word.

Advisory & Coaching Services

Do leaders understand the steps required to alter mindsets, attitudes and outcomes? Tailored training helps businesses create sustainable change.

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